Why should I choose Robert Morris as my eye surgeon?

Well, I think you should choose me first and foremost because I think I’m a good doctor. I think that part of being a doctor is being able to talk to patients and communicate with patients well. When you come and see me the most important thing is that I give you time and that I listen to what your problem is, what’s concerning you, so that I can understand what we are trying to improve for you.

And I think first and foremost it’s about being a good doctor.

Secondly, I have a wealth of experience. I’ve been a consultant in the National Health Service for over 25 years. I have an excellent training in the Oxford Eye Hospital, Moorfields Eye Hospital, and in America and throughout my career, in a teaching hospital, I taught junior doctors surgery.

And in the last ten years of my career, I’ve had a regular operating list, teaching other consultants how to refine their surgical techniques. So they can go from being good or average surgeons into excellent surgeons.

And I believe that excellence in surgery is important. And that’s what I strive to do. And when you teach other people you really have to understand what you are doing, because they challenge you and ask you questions. And unless you understand the finer detailed points, you can’t teach and bring people forward.

Throughout my career I’ve done a lot of teaching, I speak at national and international meetings and I’ve published extensively. So I keep very up to date with the literature. I understand what new technologies are coming and so that puts me in a position to decide whether or not a treatment today may be suitable for you or you should wait for new technologies to come.

I’m the medical director at Optegra Eye Healthcare and in that role I’m responsible for governance and I’m responsible for maintaining quality and monitoring clinical outcomes. My results are better than the published national cataract dataset – significantly better. So, I know, I’m not guessing, I know that the quality of my surgery is excellent.

More about Robert Morris

Rob Morris is a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at The Grange Eye Consultants. His special expertise is in cataract and refractive surgery, including Refractive Lens Exchange, and adult squint. He has over 30 years experience in treating people with eye problems. Rob Morris founded Grange Eye Consultants to manage the increasing demand for more complex refractive surgery. He leads clinical trials investigating novel eye treatments. He is currently Medical Director at Optegra Eye Hospitals.