Your Laser Eye Surgery Checklist

We hope you feel confident to choose Grange Eye Consultants for your eye surgery. If you are researching eye surgery, particularly LASIK, then you may find this checklist helpful:

Ask yourself…


Is the surgeon on the Specialist Register for ophthalmology with the General Medical Council? (This indicates that they have completed post-graduate training in ophthalmic surgery)

Is the surgeon accredited in the UK?

Will you get the chance to have a consultation with the surgeon before the day of surgery?

Will you know for sure which surgeon will perform the operation on the day?

Does the surgeon perform at least 1,000 vision procedures per year?

Does your surgeon live and work locally? (This can give you added peace of mind regarding post-operative care)

Is the surgeon able and available to manage any complications, in the unfortunate event that there is a post-op problem?

Is femtosecond laser technology available?

Does the clinic provide a variety of refractive procedures, corneal and intra-ocular, to enable you to get the right vision correction for your eyes?

Does the facility comply with the European regulations for operating sterility? (This regulation provides important rules concerning the sterilisation of all equipment)

Did the clinic take time to explain to you the long-term effect of presbyopia on your vision?

Will your surgery take place in a private hospital with nursing and medical support?