What is my training and experience in surgery?

What is my training and experience? So I started training as an ophthalmologist in 2001, and so I have 16 years of experience in ophthalmology. My initial training was in Dublin, Ireland, but then in 2003, I came to start working at Moorfields Eye Hospital. I spent 12 years training at Moorfields Eye Hospital, and eventually, after performing a Ph.D., a lectureship, and two fellowships, I joined the consultant staff as a consultant ophthalmologist at Moorfields.

My specialty in corneal disease and ocular surface disease.

Throughout my entire training, my focus has always been on diseases of the cornea and the surface of the eye. So we call this ocular surface disease and corneal disease, and I’m a corneal and ocular surface specialist. The other part of my training was also cataract surgery and what we call refractive surgery.

My current specialty in corneal transplant.

So my current specialty and the current patient group who I really specialise in is patients who either have severe medical problems with their cornea which require something called a corneal transplant. And a corneal transplant is where the disease of the cornea can only be treated by taking a healthy cornea, removing the diseased cornea and replacing it with a healthy cornea from a donor. But then the whole other side of my specialty and my practice is treating patients who have previously had normal vision, but whose vision has deteriorated due to either cataract or due to the need to wear glasses. So in that situation, we’re
talking about either cataract surgery or we’re talking about laser eye surgery or lens replacement surgery. And that’s another area in which I have a lot of experience and I’ve done many hundred cases.

More about Alex J Shortt

Alex J Shortt is a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Grange Eye Consultants. With many years of experience and expertise in Corneal surgery, Cataract surgery, and Refractive surgery, he is providing his patients with a wide range of treatment options. As he has worked as a consultant and trainer in advanced technologies for correcting vision for over 14 years, he has a broad knowledge of various eye conditions and can, therefore, find the best suitable solution for every individual client. Apart from working as an Ophthalmic Surgeon, Dr. Shortt is also involved as an editorial board member of the Cochrane Collaboration’s Eyes and Vision Group and expert advisor to the European Medicines Agency.