The kids think it’s brilliant!

Work colleagues Tina Hamilton and Lorraine Kearle shared an office and a dream; to say goodbye to their glasses and contact lenses. A few months ago this became reality thanks to a development in laser vision correction.

The friends were both shortsighted, which meant their eyes were too steeply curved causing distance images to appear blurred. They had both been considering treatment for several years but had been put off by the discomfort experienced with surface laser eye treatments and the fear of laser eye surgery.

Laser eye surgery follows the principles of the globally established laser eye surgery procedure. However, instead of cutting a flap in the cornea with a blade, the flap is created with a laser. This results in a more controlled and predictable process, with excellent results and rapid recovery.

“My prescription was very high”, Tina explains, “so when Mr Bates confirmed I was suitable for laser eye surgery, I was just so excited! I was a bit apprehensive on my way to theatre but Mr Bates had discussed every aspect of the procedure so there were no surprises”.

“The treatment took about half an hour and as soon as he’d finished, Mr Bates told me to sit up and look at the clock. It was amazing I could see the time immediately! Before treatment, I would have hardly seen the clock!”

As a mother to 9-year-old twin girls, Lorraine was fed up of wearing glasses, especially when swimming with her daughters. “I felt a fool wearing my glasses in the pool but I had to so I could watch the girls. Now I can play and join in all the fun without any worries. The kids think it’s brilliant!”

“The morning after treatment opening my eyes was so exciting! I could see all the detail on the picture at the end of my bed. Then I looked out the window and was reading car number plates!” says Lorraine. “I would definitely recommend having the treatment done”.

Tina reflects, “ I have been wearing contact lenses for 16 years and now I can see better than I ever did with my lenses. I would do it all again for these results.”

“Mr Bates and his team were fantastic all the way along, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else. I felt so confident and assured throughout at the Nuffield Hospital”.

Tina Hamilton & Lorraine Kearle