How to save your eyesight

Studies have shown that the number of people with eye health problems is increasing. According to this study, smoking, diets, or demands of technology can cause damage to the eyes. published an article I wrote. In it, I give tips on how you can prevent losing your eyesight.


Robert Morris recommends making an eye test every two years. This is particularly important for people who are over 50, wearing glasses or contact lenses or having family history of illnesses such as glaucoma or diabetic. But still, even though four in five adults are worried about their eyesight, only about half of them are seeing the eye doctor regularly.

But also little things, such as wearing sunglasses, removing make-up at night and washing your hands regularly, should be normality for you.

Sitting much time in front of screens – also tablets and smartphones – can cause damage to the eyesight. The vision can be disturbed because eyes are drying out when sitting in front of the screen for a long period. Instead of blinking 20 – 30 times a minute, we are only blinking 3 or 4 times a minute when focusing on small screens.

Stopping smoking can be a big deal in protecting your eyes from illness. This is a least what 83% of opticians are positive about. Smoking can cause blockages is your blood circulation and increases the risk for macular degeneration and other eye diseases.

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