What matters for success in laser eye surgery?

So what matters for success in laser eye surgery is down to both, the surgeon and the technology. The initial assessment with the surgeon is very important. The surgeon has to understand your needs and also has to be able to interpret the data we report from your eyes with our equipment.

It is important that your surgeon is experienced. An experienced surgeon will be able to decide the best treatment for you and customise that treatment for you. And that takes time and thought and care.

It’s not whether or not you have a surface or a flap procedure, it’s also about how the laser is programmed to address your vision to give you the best possible outcome, not only in terms of no spectacles but quality night vision, quality contrasting vision, and that’s really important step in ensuring good outcomes.

When it comes to the surgery the technology is important but so is the surgical skill. Because, although the technology is always reproducible, patients vary. And so patients response to what technology has done to them, needs to be manipulated and addressed by the surgeon. And that’s why the experience of the surgeon is so important.

The other important factor in laser eye surgery is that your surgeon is available for your post-operative care. Most people have a very smooth and easy postoperative course but occasionally patient’s eyes may be a bit irritable or uncomfortable, or the patient is concerned, or even in extreme cases of a patient trauma to the eye afterwards, the surgeon needs to be experienced enough to address that and still ensure a good outcome.

More about Robert Morris

Rob Morris is a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at The Grange Eye Consultants. His special expertise is in cataract and refractive surgery, including Refractive Lens Exchange, and adult squint. He has over 30 years experience in treating people with eye problems. Rob Morris founded Grange Eye Consultants to manage the increasing demand for more complex refractive surgery. He leads clinical trials investigating novel eye treatments. He is currently Medical Director at Optegra Eye Hospitals.