How much does dry eye treatment cost?

The cost of dry eye treatment includes an initial assessment, which is an examination and analysis of the dry eye and the cause of the dry eye. And that includes investigative procedures.

Initial Cost.

So, all in all, an initial assessment may cost up to £400. The ongoing management of that dry eye includes the cost of any drops that you might have or any plugs that you may need to try and stop the tears draining away. And that’s variable, so it’s different for different people.

Ongoing treatment cost.

The drops generally cost about £10-20 a month, for most patients. And if a surgical procedure is required, that will be in the sort of £200-300 range. But of course, dry eye is a permanent condition. So, if a patient has a dry eye, their ongoing treatment is the cost of the drops they require.

Of course, many patients who are NHS patients can get these drops from their general practitioner, so there would be no cost.

It’s important to realize that most patients will only require one initial assessment and maybe two or three follow up treatments. So, the ongoing costs of the consultations are low. The main cost is in the ongoing cost of the treatment if it’s not available on the NHS.

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