From start to finish I received excellent care

I first heard about RLE at your Open Evening for laser treatment which had been advertised in the local paper. Mr Bates gave an informative and factual talk which gave me the confidence to go ahead with the procedure.

From start to finish I received excellent care and was kept well informed at all times. From the literature I was given and the consultation, any questions were promptly and satisfactorily answered. I’d definitely recommend this service to others as I had an immediate improvement in my eyesight. I had complete confidence in Mr Bates and the Anaesthetist, and I felt so well informed and was given such good information that I was able to make an informed decision.

I now have more confidence in my appearance, enjoy not having to worry about rain or steamy rooms and will look forward to the long-term cost-saving (ie. the average cost of my glasses was approx. £500).

Sheelagh Willis