What refractive errors can be corrected with ReLEx SMILE?

At the moment, short-sightedness or myopia and astigmatism can be corrected with ReLEx SMILE. And high degrees of myopia can be corrected, up to -10, and astigmatism up to – 5, so really quite big prescriptions. And that’s the big advantage of SMILE in treating these big prescriptions without weakening the cornea, in contrast to LASIK where some of the higher treatments, especially with a thin cornea, may
not be treated.

Hyperopia cannot be corrected by ReLEx SMILE.

Now, as SMILE is relatively new technology and low myopia has been
perfected and astigmatism has been perfected, at the moment we can’t t treat
long-sighted patients with SMILE. Having said that, there are now clinical studies
underway where hyperopia, long-sightedness, is being treated successfully with

Ongoing research into SMILE being used for hyperopia.

Interestingly, Zeiss have a collaboration with an excellent ophthalmologist in
Nepal, and he’s carrying out some of these studies on long-sightedness,
hyperopic treatments. And although they’re in the early stages, they’re proving to
be very successful. What’ll be needed is good long-term follow up to ensure that
the hyperopic treatments don’t regress.

Ongoing research into SMILE being applied to Presbyopic laser eye surgery treatments.

The other area where this SMILE technology is being applied and is very
exciting is in presbyopic laser eye surgery treatments. However, at the moment,
SMILE can’t do a laser blended vision or PRESBYOND treatment. So although
SMILE is being developed by Zeiss and PRESBYOND is being developed by
Zeiss, at the moment, the PRESBYOND technology cannot be applied to SMILE.
As a consequence, many patients requiring presbyopic eye surgery can’t be
treated with SMILE. In fact, no presbyopic eye surgery can be treated with
SMILE unless you do monovision. So if a patient requires presbyopic laser eye
surgery, then one would perform a flap based technique, namely LASIK.

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