What makes Grange Eye Consultants special?

What makes Grange Eye Consultants special? Well, I think what makes us
special is that we’re all very experienced surgeons with a long history as NHS
consultants in both general ophthalmology, cataract, and refractive surgery.
We’ve all trained in excellent institutions, and we’ve all been trainers of new
doctors and medical students, trainee doctors, and ophthalmic surgeons.
We’ve all taught people how to do surgery and in the last ten years I’ve not only
been teaching trainee doctors how to do surgery but I’ve also been teaching
other consultants how to do advanced cataract surgery. There’s nothing like
teaching to know if you know something, because often you may think you know
something and then somebody asks you a question and you can’t explain it.
So all of us have had such a commitment to teaching and training over the years,
and doing research and publishing, that we really understand our subject. And
you can’t teach somebody to be an excellent surgeon unless you’re an excellent
surgeon yourself. And I think the fact that over the years so many people come
and visit us and watch us operate shows the depth of our experience and why
we are, as a group of consultants, doing so well.